Energy Validation

Each of the previous steps is critical, but unless we can ensure that the bills being paid are correct and the savings are measured, there is no way to prove results. At Acclaim Energy, we live by results, not empty promises or theories. To that end, we have developed a methodology enabled by technology that ensures bills are in accordance with your contract and you receive the expected savings.

Acclaim will recalculate your bills monthly for each meter, based on the actual usage profile from that meter and your specific energy contract terms. We will compare this calculation to the actual bill from your supplier to ensure accuracy—and if there is a difference, Acclaim Energy will pursue the correction of the invoice on your behalf. Acclaim then calculates what the bill would have been if the meter was still with CFE to measure the actual results against the CFE tariff.

We developed this methodology when our customers experienced material billing problems in other deregulated energy markets, and we think it is important for you to have it as a value-added service in Mexico as well. However, this is no longer an issue for businesses that use Acclaim.

Few competitors of Acclaim Energy offer this service, but we learned years ago that few companies were monitoring bill accuracy, and the errors were very material and generally influenced the customer’s bottom line. Since accounting departments had no visibility into the problem and just wanted to keep the power flowing, bills were paid and costs spun out of control.

Our focus is results, not theory, and we constantly measure to prove our value to you!