Energy Procurement

The options in the market are wide and varied, so your strategic energy management plan will be the guide to securing the right answers for your firm. There are tremendous differences and long-term implications of various market options over time, as well as hidden risks that must be identified, quantified and then applied to your organization’s strategic plan. 

Acclaim Energy’s expertise allows us to walk you through each option, so you can appreciate how they apply to your situation. We share information and educate your team to ensure full transparency and that your best interests are always protected. As we walk you through the procurement process, you will learn about the complexities behind the decisions and deepen your understanding of the value Acclaim brings to the process. 

You will also gain insight into hidden costs from suppliers or brokers that would have never been visible until your bills arrived. In most cases, these charges are never explained when working with a traditional broker who represents the supplier’s interest.

Unfortunately, there are no standards or regulatory protections for customers in Mexico, and the more you learn, the more you will see the importance of having an independent, unbiased advocate like Acclaim on your side.

Buying energy is not like buying any other service or product; it is a non-storable commodity that is priced every 15 minutes in a real-time market, and you want the lowest overall cost, budget certainty and least risk for your business over a number of years.