Business Cases


Industrial Manufacturer Reaps Savings

Company Profile Products Manufacturer Facilities: 6 Load: 16 MW annually Corporate Goals Understanding the impact of new government regulations Budget certainty for annual energy spend Clarity in their decision-making process Energy cost savings The Challenges The company faced two major hurdles in trying to improve their savings and optimize their budgeting process. One, they originally worked with a “qualified supplier,” which means a supplier that should already have a contract in place with an electricity generator. However, the company encountered..


Steel Company Cuts Energy Costs by More Than 37%

Company Profile Steel Manufacturing Facilities: 5 Load: 18 MW annually Corporate Goals Increased margins to retain leadership position and market share Budget certainty for foreseeable future Understand potential impact to operations based on new energy rules The Challenges This steel manufacturing company faced a significant challenge in keeping their profit margins higher than other organizations in the hyper-competitive Mexico market. They also did not fully understand the supplier options in the market, or the intricacies of these decisions, such as..