Women are Required in Sustainability Issues – Reforma Newspaper

January 16, 2022

For Mexico and the world to advance in terms of sustainability and climate change, it is essential that women be incorporated into management positions to help develop the needed strategies and programs to improve the environment and our quality of life.

María José Treviño, General Director of Acclaim Energy Mexico, explained that the participation of women is a challenge when it comes to decision-making throughout the world.

“We must recognize that there is a group that has been marginalized by the lack of access to education and influence, due to cultural prejudices. The voice of women will grow as they are afforded greater access to education and job opportunities. Unfortunately, many are still being deprived of these opportunities” said Maria José Treviño.

“The World Bank recognizes that equal opportunities create a better economy and the lagging participation of women in employment and business costs the world 15 percent of its GDP,” explained a director.

Access to clean water and polluting emissions are impacting health of many communities. The 3% increase in energy demand per year, combined with less availability to resources are a latent problem, therefore, an energy transition is imperative.

Women represent 51 percent of the world’s population, but they have limited access to education, employment and managerial roles.

“Today, women as consumers, business leaders and those at financial institutions are taking a closer look at companies and what strategies they are implementing around ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues. Currently, consumers are buying more from companies that focus on these issues and produce greater sustainable benefits.”

“That is why it is important for everyone, not only women to actively participate in political processes to promote changes in public policies, while using their purchasing power to support those companies that demonstrate gender diversity and drive improved environmental policies,” the directive stated.