Acclaim Energy Recognizes Top 5 Qualified Energy Suppliers of 2021

May 25, 2022

The list of the 5 energy suppliers was prepared to recognize the exceptional work that the suppliers have done in providing outstanding quality service to the Mexican energy market during 2021.

Aligned with Acclaim Energy Mexico’s commitment to promote best practices in the energy industry, it was decided to establish a quality process using extensive feedback to help suppliers and companies achieve optimal levels of service provision and results when purchasing electricity. After evaluating over 30 suppliers that have participated in our processes, and based on a proprietary formula called the Supplier Quality Index (QSI) and taking into account feedback from customers and industry participants, Ammper, Bid Energy, Engie, Mitsui and Nexus Energía were selected as the recipients of the Acclaim Award for the most outstanding Energy Suppliers of the year.

The QSI criteria consists of over 20 different elements that have been developed over the last 20 years working with customers and suppliers throughout North America. “As an industry, we have made great strides in adopting practices to help customers capture market opportunities in a timely and transparent manner when purchasing electricity. However, while we chose to highlight the top five suppliers, we thank all energy providers for their continued progress in adopting best practices to meet the needs of large energy consumers,” said María José Treviño, General Director of Acclaim Energy Mexico.

“The Mexican energy market continues to evolve, as do the needs and expectations of consumers and energy suppliers. Therefore, it is up to all participants to constantly listen to customer needs and work together collaboratively to deliver the greatest value to market participants,” said Leopoldo A. Salinas, director of operations and risk management at Acclaim Energy. Mexico.

“Energy Supplier Quality Award ” was created by Acclaim Energy and is not awarded for specific products or services, but for the development and implementation of best practices in serving energy consuming customers from any industry in the Mexican market. The prize will be awarded annually to the 5 best Qualified Energy Suppliers in Mexico.

Acclaim Energy is a North American specialty consulting company with offices in Mexico and the United States, committed to helping companies apply a holistic approach to strategic energy management to uncover hidden value and enjoy sustainable growth.

The suite of services offered by Acclaim Energy includes strategic energy procurement, analysis and trading, energy risk management, distributed generation strategies, ESG, and regulatory management. Acclaim Energy manages a portfolio of more than 500 customers and manages more than $2.5 billion in annual energy spend from more than 30,000 meters for which it has achieved more than $700 million in cumulative savings and a retention rate of 97% customers.

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