Administrative & Finance Director, Grupo LM

February 28, 2019

As a major user of energy, it is critical that we proactively manage and measure its use, costs, and opportunities for savings. With the impact of energy deregulation in Mexico, we realized we could benefit from some expert advice, to help us successfully embrace the new rules and protect our business when it comes to reliability, compliance, contracting and savings. As we started on our journey to manage energy more strategically, Acclaim Energy was referred to us as experts in helping businesses in deregulated markets. Their responsiveness, experience, and knowledge enabled us to move expeditiously to understand more fully our obligations under the new regulations, identify better ways to mitigate risks and identify options to save that we would not have discovered on our own. What we found refreshing is that they were totally aligned with our needs, transparent and thorough. In fact, they are going to verify our bills every month to ensure we get the savings promised. Acclaim is a solid business partner!