Idally Pedroza

Commercial Executive

Idally Pedroza is a Commercial Executive for Acclaim Energy. For more than 10 years, she has provided energy advisory services to commercial and industrial clients in Mexico, such as Johnson Controls, Sherwin Williams, Peñoles, Fester, Textiles Mont Blanc, and others.

Idally, brings a wealth of experience in providing expertise in electricity and natural gas procurement, contract negotiations, regulatory affairs, and risk mitigation for Mexico and LATAM markets.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Commerce from the Escuela de Banca y Comercial in Mexico City, is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Sustainability and Circular Economy at EALDE Business School, holds a Diploma in Climate Finance from the Mexican Stock Exchange, a certification from CENACE on Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM) and is certified as a SCRUM Master (used for agile planning best practices). Idally speaks English and Spanish and is based in our Mexico City office.

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