Guillermo Mario De Hoyos

Commercial Director

Guillermo Mario is Commercial Director at Acclaim Energy México, focused on detecting optimization opportunities in the energy supply chain for large consumers. Guillermo is a mechatronic engineer with a master’s degree in business administration (ITESM, UAEM), he has been interested in the development and application of technology, and during his enriching professional career he has been involved in various strategic business development positions in diverse industries. From a commercial engineer for Parker Hannifin in the northern part of the republic for pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical equipment, to being a parabolic solar concentration project engineer at Inventive Power for heat supply to industrial processes, to taking part in a managerial commercial role for Latin America in one of the world’s leading solar tracker companies, Nextracker. Guillermo has had the opportunity to collaborate in various investment projects for the development of infrastructure such as: roads, hotel, health, security, energy and commercial.

Connecting with economic actors as diverse as those involved in the transport of passengers / cargo, or who are tax or regulatory authorities, or commercial associations in agricultural production, Guillermo has had the objective of continuous execution and improvement of processes in productive chains and in value-increasing projects, seeking to constantly connect empathically with each person to meet and satisfy their business requirements, especially recently in energy.