Bruno Ortíz

Commercial Director

Bruno is an engineer specialized in the Mexican energy sector with more than 6 years of experience working on power generation and cogeneration projects. He has collaborated with companies and clients in the Mexican market helping them to develop significant savings in their energy processes.

Previously he collaborated in companies in the energy sector such as Smith Power México and Olympia Power Systems directly in the commercial area new markets throughout the Mexican Republic. During this time he participated as a speaker at the XII Foro regional del instituto Mexicano de Ingenieros Químicos developing the topic “Cogeneration with Internal Combustion engines”. As previous experience he supported the maintenance and logistics areas in companies such as Harinera de Veracruz of Grupo Maseca and La Corona del Golfo concessionaire of Grupo Modelo in the South of Veracruz. He has also participated in some forums and conferences of the energy sector.

Bruno is an electrical mechanical engineer and has a master’s degree in Administrative Engineering from the Instituto de Estudios Universitarios.