Adrian Montemayor

Sr. Sales Executive Mexico & LATAM

Adrian Montemayor has joined Acclaim Energy as Sr. Sales Executive Mexico & LATAM and will focus on promoting strategic energy solutions. Although originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Adrian obtained his ​BS in Economics and ​BA in International Markets from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Upon the receipt of his degrees, Adrian has been promoting and supporting foreign direct investment for both the public and private sectors by supporting family-owned to fortune 500 manufacturing companies establish and/or successfully run their operations in Mexico. Additionally, Adrian has managed projects in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean as well as Latin America by assisting businesses identify, develop, and implement strategic decisions regarding process and cost management, business opportunities, and market integration/growth. His experience ​is supported by his role at the Ministry of Economic Development for the State of Nuevo Leon and a private company focused on Human Resources in Mexico.

Adrian is certified by CENACE in the Mexican Wholesale Energy Market and has ample experience in retail energy supply by supporting qualified customers with their decision to migrate to the Wholesale Energy Market with products matching their ideal risk profile.