Mexico, Education and a Better Tomorrow with STEM

December 23, 2019

Just as businesses adapt operations to deal with high attrition rates, unprepared workers and to align with technological advances and economic forecasts, we in Mexico must act similarly by adapting to challenges in what we teach our children and how we prepare for the future.

STEM, is a program and movement that is blossoming across the world, as leaders recognize the need to invest in both women and men in order to compete globally. After all, it is much easier to fight with two hands then it is with one. If we can motivate, develop and provide young girls and women with the necessary skills in Science, Math, Engineering and Technology (STEM), we as a nation will be better prepared to face future challenges in business, manufacturing, health care, automation and artificial intelligence, just to name a few.

Because our world and specifically Mexico depends on it. The economy, our well-being and the optimization of human resources is critical to our future.

Today, we have an underrepresentation of women in STEM fields, for example Science, Math, Engineering and Technology.

Why is STEM education important?
Because, we need to first educate in order to prepare and fulfill our promise for a brighter and secure future for our children.

“STEM education” is not new, but needs to be discussed and highlighted, so we can make the right investments with regards to developing young girls while in school, and the teaching of STEM in the classroom.

The point is the world is evolving and so is Mexico. Young girls have a responsibility and a place in making our country better. I believe they are willing to step up and embrace their responsibility and opportunity, but we need to help prepare them for those challenges.

This is not a feminist perspective, but a practical one, designed to continue our growth as a country and create a quality of life we can all be proud of.

If you would like to learn more about STEM, check back shortly for more insights about this important issue.

Have a blessed New Year!