Código de Red? The technical regulation issued by the CRE

9月 25, 2019

Código de Red is the technical regulation issued by the CRE on April 8, 2016, contains the
Minimum technical requirements necessary to ensure the efficient development of all processes.
associated with the National Electric System.

Sets new standards to improve the reliability of electrical systems, expand the network and conduct extensive monitoring of it. Its purpose is to stimulate the adoption of clean energy, achieve greater economic growth, modernization and provide transparency to the entire energy industry.

Network Code Structure

  • The planning process of the National Electric System.
  • The operation of the SEN in normal state.
  • The interconnection of power plants.
  • The connection of the load centers.
  • The construction of an intelligent information network.
  • The operating criteria for isolated electrical systems.
  • The interconnected system of Baja California.

The regulation aims to create a better relationship between power generators and consumers to minimize equipment failure and wear. Failure to comply with these requirements would cost a company to disconnect from the system.