ESG is an indicator of a company’s commitment to social responsibility

March 18, 2022

María José Treviño, General Manager of Acclaim Energy México said that “ESG compliance maturity is an indicator of a company’s commitment to operating at the high standards when it comes employees, communities, and operating principles. The value of embracing sustainability has proven to affect operating profits by up to 60%”. Trevino explained that “in the last century, the population went from 1.5 billion to 7 billion people, so it is critical for companies to take action to create an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future for Mexico”. In addition, she mentioned that companies need to find a better balance between economic growth, social development, and their impact on the environment. As a society, we need to be proactive in preventing further damage to our country and all its resources. Dr. Christian Kroll, from the Bertelsmann Foundation, mentions that, in terms of sustainable development, all countries are developing, which means that regardless of each level of development, it is critical that everyone look for new ways to protect and preserve water, food, transportation, among others.” María José Treviño is a leading authority on ESG and counsels’ business throughout LATAM on the value and strategies needed to develop an effective ESG plan. She also has two degrees: the first in Business Administration and the second in Mandarin Chinese from Trinity University; as well as an MBA from the IPADE Business School.